ghosting and soft nexting

No one likes to be snobbed.It leaves you wondering what’s wrong.Well,snobbing can’t be compared to these 2 terms that am about to tell you.

Have you heard of RELATIONSHIP GHOSTING and SOFT NEXTING?….i think not.But don’t worry i got your backs.I know some of you all have done ghosting without even realizing it.Today am all about guys. Ghosting and soft nexting are our best dating tools right now.They make us become the savages we were meant to be.


Rule no.1 in any relationship. Never underestimate how fast a relationship can go  down ↓ south.

Ghosting is going completely mute on someone without giving any reason.Its more like snobbing but in ghosting there is no texting back FOREVER.

One evening you are being bombarded with texts about how much they love you and talking about where they  want to go on weekend with you and 12 hours later he’s gone forever. There is no good morning text, no phone call at lunchtime and by the time 6pm comes around, you begin to feel a bit worried and confused. Are they okay? Have they had some sort of accident?

So you try and call them out of concern and it goes unanswered. Then you send a text saying “is everything okay?” and it goes unread or, even worse, read and ignored.You’ve been ghosted.It’s not that you got snobbed you just got ghosted.

So what, you got ghosted,drink some liquor and move the fuck on with your life because life is far too short to waste your time over someone who can’t be arsed to stay in contact, no matter how in love with them you think you are. Self respect is far more important than scrabbling around for scraps of another person’s affections.

If someone has ghosted you that means you are dead to them and they don’t want anything to do with you anymore. They have decided to take the easy way out.No amount of phone calls, texts, emails, whatsapps, tweets or Facebook messages will change that. You will try and contact them by all the above means and it will only make you look like a crazy stalker.

So if someone who you are in a relationship with doesn’t contact you for any length of time, the chances are that they just don’t want to be with you anymore and are too scared to tell you. It’s a sign of weakness on their part and nothing to do with you.

I don’t care how ill, busy or tired you are, it takes seconds to reply a text.

Before ghosting happens 

everything is usually exciting and new: the sex is amazing, you can’t keep your hands off each other and you both think you have found the most wonderful person ever.

You are both on your best behaviour.In the long run the excitement slows down,but you still do keep in regular contact and share stories about your day.Sometimes communication on one side really slows down as one person starts to seem less keen than the other, so you get a feeling that something is starting to go wrong. But sometimes it can come right out of the blues with no warning.

There is a systematic change of communication tone over the past few weeks before they disappear off the face of the earth.If you notice he or she is about to pull a ghosting on you save yourself the trouble and ask if you can just end the relationship.

Ghosting someone is the worst way to break up ever. At least have the balls to say ‘thanks’, ‘but it’s not working out’,’ it’s not you, it’s me’.Say anything.

So, what to do if you are being ghosted? Delete his number, block him on Facebook/WhatsApp and think how lucky you are that you have got away from such a coward.

Soft nexting is a pillar for a tight relationship game.Its a tool that guys can really use.


Is,If a woman you’re dating acts badly, then you cut her off for a set amount of time. Then once that time is up, you start up with her again, and resume the relationship like nothing happened.

Soft nexting is not a breakup.

With breakups its final.In breakups there is usually too much drama,crying and talking from both sides and this drags on for a long time.

With soft nexting there is nothing like all that from your side. It’s just a temporary breakup.You just walk away for a while, without giving her any drama.

This is for the guys

you can soft next her if she is 

  • being rude or unpleasant
  • withholding sex
  • being bitchy
  • excessive crying
  • giving ultimatums.


First, make sure you don’t react emotionally to her bullshit, in any way. Then remove yourself from the situation as fast as possible.If you are at her place when she loses it just leave.If she is at your place ask her to leave.Then ghost on her.


Soft nexting is usually for abt 3-7days.Nexting is simple in theory, but not always easy in practice. The hardest part is having the internal strength to keep up total silence during the next. How hard that is depends on how you feel about her.

The best way to do this? Distract yourself with different women (if you need too). Immerse yourself in business, work, training, hobbies, studies, friends, etc. – anything to keep your mind off her.

When you decide to end the Next act cool.Let her back in.Don’t talk about the next.Start your relationship all over again.Some guys use soft nexting as a way to keep their women in check.But be careful some women don’t tolerate shit.You may think you are nexting but you will be surpised when she does a ‘Gone in 60 seconds’on your ass.

Soft nexting will work if she truly loves you.Here she will never want to be apart from you. But if she ain’t truly in love with you my friends,you won’t believe what will hit you.

In soft nexting Learn to do it right and you’ll be rewarded with stronger, better, long-term relationships.Don’t misuse soft nexting just because you want to avoid confrontations.Its a tool not a weapon.

Cross check if you have ever been a victim of soft nexting or ghosting.If you have,too bad for you.If not,watch out you may end up being a victim.Guys we can also be ghosted or soft nexted.

Now you know about ghosting👻 & soft nexting….inform others.✌👊

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