I saw these challenge online and decided to give it a shot

So many things in our lives make us happy but to come up with a list of just 13 reasons ain’t that easy.I got 11 reasons that make me happy.Here are my reasons


it may sound cliché but after everything is said and done it’s your family that you go back to.Like what vin diesel says in the fast and furious franchise:

You don’t turn your back on family, even when they do

2.Passing my exams without getting a supplementary

Am sure everyone will have a similar thing in their list.Heck i was so sure i would get about 2-3 sups but luckily i didn’t. I was even scheming a plan on how to get money so as to resit the papers😉

3.I have a phone to use

About 2weeks ago i got robbed by 3 thugs who had knives.Luckily i got out of that situation safe but without my phone.My small siz agreed to send me her phone while she went back to school😃. Believe or not about thrice a week i see the guys who robbed me😡.Now i have a phone to use and mostly play games.


 good friends finds it harder to hold a pencil than to hold a grudge!!!

I thank God for the friends i have.They give me freedom to be myself.When we face a storm we all get out together.

5.Accomplished one of my resolutions

 For a while now i was joking with the idea of opening a blog….seems the joke was funny😂😃.Now i have a blog where i can write whatever i feel like and how i want it to appear.

6.Mi Estrella

when i miss her i just look at her pics and smile.Missing her is easy i do it everyday😍😍😍…..

7.Free mbz

I love free things and i couldn’t resist receiving 100mbs daily.The last time i got a

Dear customer,your Data Bundle is almost finished.Dial *544# to check your data bundle balance.

was ages ago.Sadly that app seems to be crashing so i might go back to buying mbz.

8.My classes aren’t that intense

This sem my classes have turned into chill spots.Lecs aren’t attending all classes which is a good thing as at now but later on we shall have to recover the missed classes

9.There is harmony

Everyone is at peace with one another. The ones in  relationships are enjoying every moment of it and the ones in situationships are almost getting into relationships😉😝

10.It’s me,myself and i

Am riding solo(not literally)but…..It’s my world i does what i wish to.Am just knowing myself and my worth😃

11.Rediscovering an old passion

While in primary and high school i loved writing.From compositions to essays…It was fun and enjoyable.Now am back to writing and all i have will reflect here soon.

I challenge you to come up with your 13 reasons why you are happy….The challenge seems easy but it’s not as easy as it appears to be.Challenge issued👊

Published by MENEZ

Just an ordinary man doing extraordinary things

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