A happy happening

These ain’t one of those stories where boy meets girl , fall in love blah blah blah….Well i lied it is but its my version.

A couple of months ago i was introduced to a girl whom my 1st impression of her was that she seemed ratchet and wild (the ones who give life to a party) At first i wasn’t interested in her i was like ‘ this is just another girl who will come and go without making an impact’.

Boy was i wrong!The moment after she got comfortable at our house she came where i was and started chatting me up.I was playing some random game on my phone.For i to stop playing a game and listen to you, bouy you must be saying some expensive shiiiit!!!😜

I paused my game,put the phone aside and began talking to her.This chat was different; it wasn’t about which course am doing,the genre of music i like or all the other common things people talk about when they meet.We were talking about how a girl can’t be promiscuous (i heard this word from her) without being labelled a whore🙊 but when a guy is promiscuous he becomes a motherfucking starboy😎
Topics like these ☝get me interested in the conversation. We also talked about how nowadays guys are preferring to have fuckmates than gfs/bfs. In my opinion all of them are super fun depending on how u handle it.

I don’t believe in love anymore

i was like ‘if you don’t believe in love what the heck do you believe in?’if you’ve read through the 1st part forget what you read.Here is the icing on the cake.Lets rewind  to the fuckmate part.i will come back to the love part later on.

She told me she had (stress on had)  a fwb….i only have Friends With Better Lives(FWBL)she ended the relationship before coming to coast. ‘the many menezes in my head were celebrating’ I jokingly asked if i could be her fwb.She jokingly said yes.Then i was confused if she was joking or not.

While having all these conversations my roomies and our friends were still in the house. We were too deep into our conversation to notice them leaving one by one.In the end it was just the 2 of us sitting there with a laptop in front of us.I did what any ‘gentleman’ would do in my situation.I put on an animation which i had watched countless times (thanks six).I knew the animation would bore her so i suggested something better that we could do.

If you’ve ever played truth or dare18+ then u know how freaky and lucky can get before the end of the game.As we played we skipped some dares which seemed hard to accomplish at that time. We landed on a simple dare that i like. 

make out with your partner (her) for 30 secs.

I sensually liked my lips movie  style knowing i was getting a 😘 from this stunning chiq next to me.She didn’t disappoint.When our lips locked i felt an electric wave pass down my body😅.The make out session lasted more than 30seconds and i loved every single moment of it.Before the make out she had lipstick on her,after the make out there wasn’t any trace of lipstick on her lips(well done👏 menez) 

We continued with the dares trying to find the next easily doable dare.Unluckily my roomies returned.We got back to watching the animation.Look at the time,it was getting pretty late.She had to leave.I just looked at her and knew this was a start to something great.Just think,if that was day one how were the rest of the 89days in our small fairy tale😍

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Just an ordinary man doing extraordinary things

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